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Fiber Mill

Our Process and Bulk Rates

Our fiber Process

Fiber production prices include everything- Washing, picking, dehairing, carding, spinning (2-ply fingering to 3-ply chunky), plying (3-ply max), steaming and put into skeins, or returned on cones for $30/lb based on out going weight (sheep wool and Huacaya alpaca prices. see order form for other exotics). 2-ply lace and 3-ply fingering $40/lb. Email or call if you have questions.

Roving or batts Dehaired $18/ lb---- Felt is not Dehaired

Dyeing Fiber based on incoming weights $15/lb, Or purchase your blending material from us and have it dyed to your needs. See form for pricing and shades available see page 3 of form.

Bulk Fiber Processing

While we will do small orders (2-1/2 lb) the following prices are for larger orders. To achieve "bulk" weight you are rated on incoming weights, however you are still charged on out-going weight. Bulk rates must be agreed upon, and all fiber must arrive at the mill within a 7 day period.

We do not use Lenospin on our exotic fibers, producing a smooth, knot free, slub free and chemical free yarn. A yarn that is safe on the environment and the people using your yarns.

These prices are if you ship the fiber to the mill. (prices for sheep wool and Hau alpaca only. Call for bulk rates forother exotics.

201 lbs to 300 lbs processed @ $29.50/lb

301 lbs to 500 lbs processed @ $29.25/lb

501 lbs plus processed @ $29.00/lb

Pick ups over 100 miles away will be processed at regular pricing, unless 500 lbs is reached. 500 lbs + $29.75/lb

For bulk fiber pick up within 100 miles add twenty-five cents/lb to processing costs. All pricing based on finished weights.  Costs include everything but skirting and cutting of fibers over 7"!!!

While all fibers spin differently, our processing will follow the following guide lines:

WPI – Wraps per inch

YPP – Yards per pound

Lace – 35 WPI, 3000 YPP or greater

Fingering – 19 to 22 WPI, 1800 to 2200 YPP

Sport – 15 to 18 WPI, 1300 to 1800 YPP

DK – 12 to14 WPI, 1000 to 1400 YPP

Worsted – 9 to 11 WPI, 1000 to 1150 YPP

Bulky – 7 to11 WPI

Chunky – 6 or less WPI

Updated July 20, 2017