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Whole Process from Fiber to Yarn

Item No. MP01

Current backlog time is 6 months We are a full service fiber mill. We produce yarn, roving, batting, wet and needle felt and rug yarn (core spun). We offer dyeing of fleeces at an additional cost. Please see the Fiber Mill tab on the website for more information and the processing form. ALL ORDERS MUST HAVE A SIGNED MILL FORM---ORDERS WITHOUT FORMS WILL NOT BE RUN

Minimum Run weight 2 lbs 8 oz (washed) for yarn- If weight is short a blending material can be added to achieve minimum or it can be run below min however customer will be charged for 2 lbs 8 oz. ROVING & BATT Minimum 1lb 8 oz (washed wt)

Prices include - tumbled, washed, picked, dehaired, carded, spun, plied, streamed, placed on cones or skeins. Blending multiple fleeces to meet min is free. PRICED ON RETURN WEIGHT ONCE MINIMUM IS MADE.
Prices do not include - Skirting, Cutting of fiber if over 7", Blending of additives, shipping, dyeing. Individual skein tagging.
Cutting fiber $9/lb Blending $2/lb for additives(merino ,bamboo ,silk....) Shipping rate based on return location.

Terms Of Service
We do not process thirds.