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Boot - Lightweight - Frog Creek Socks

Made in the USA
Delivery: 3-7 days

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These lightweight boot socks are a knit dress sock that will come to just below the knee and can be worn comfortably with shoes. These alpaca socks contain a high amount of alpaca fiber, are durable and are offered in a variety of colors.

Sock Fiber Percentages: 72% alpaca, 26% nylon, 2% elastic

Washing Instructions:
Wash in cool water, gentle cycle, then tumble or air dry. These socks are durable and can be washed easily without excessive shrinkage or felting.
Because alpaca yarn has elasticity, alpaca socks may look smaller after washing but will return to their original size, to fit.
Alpaca socks wick away moisture, so feet will stay dry and odor free.

Product Specifications
Small Women's 5-1/2 to 8
Men's 4 to 6-1/2
Medium Women's 8-1/2 to 11
Men's 7 to 10
Large Women's 11-1/2 to 14-1/2
Men's 11 to 14